The Trick Of Feed Grinding Mill

The working principle of grinding mill

Motor by vertical rotating speed reducer drive a millstone, the feeding device of solid material by the wind from the inlet into the heart of the mill, under the action of centrifugal force field was left to mill around and shattered by the repeated rolling mill roll.Shredded material spilled from the edge of the mill, the lower part of powder material is from the machine the high-speed airflow of rise and rise of airflow and powder material by that the grinding machine classifier, under the effect of rapid rotation of the rotor, the meal is separated out into a millstone center to grinding, fine powder, with the air flow from grinding machine grinding, is collected in the dust collecting device, namely for the product.No granular material was taken away by air flow, overflow after mill by the outer loop of bucket elevator to return to the mill inlet, with new to raw material entering the mill grinding.For materials with high moisture content, pass into the hot air inside the mill, wet materials in powder grinding, choose good contact with and in the process of flow and heat flow by drying, meet the requirements of product water.

The Trick Of Feeding Grinding Mill

Material in grinding mill can form a layer of material layer, the thickness of material layer size affects the success or failure of its work.In its two phenomena will happen, in the production of flour is a kind of material layer too thin, the other is a material layer is too thick, can cause the machine work is not smooth, then affects the work efficiency, light output is reduced, or will stop production, and even pay for maintenance

There are two reasons cause layers in a thin grinding mill, one kind is feed feed rate is too small, the other is a material problem.When feeding capacity is too small, because of the material in the continuous mill discharge machine, and the material being out of the machine speed is constant, which can cause the machine internal layer material is more and more thin, thus can make the roller and mill vibration, direct contact roller mill and direct contact can also lead to wear and mill's roller sleeve, speed up the wear and aging, increase users spend more cost on the wear parts.