Pebble Sand Making Machine In China

Pebbles Sand Making Machine

Pebbles sand making machine is a kind of production building application of special equipment for sand granularity compressive strength ratio of natural sand hammer broken in the production of sand is more conform to the requirements of the high standard construction sand it is jaw crusher PCX system sand machine heavy vibrating screen and efficient sand washing machine is connected by belt conveyor to become a line the production line adopts the high speed rotating sling wheel will be thrown stone with 76 m/s speed collision on the wear resistant lining board formed stone crushing principle of dozen Shi Shi while the iron is hot to ensure the whole process flow discharge smoothly and reliable high efficiency and energy saving 50% of energy than conventional devices.

Working Principle of Pebbles Sand Making Machine

Pebbles sand making machine is an ore of feeding mouth to enter and slide down the sieve plate oversize ore in the process of falling by high speed rotating rotor of carbide hammer on the break and at high speed along the tangent direction to fly to the first block cavity lining plate and the ore strike back again with the rotor out behind other ore collide with each other to make ore materials continue to be broken into the first crushing cavity and the rotor plate hammer impact crushing and then into the second crushing cavity for continue to crush the material in the crushing cavity broken not only formed the material broken also completed the material of cavity plastic until the final shape of sand particles into the required size by above knowable pebbles from discharging mouth eduction system sand machine principle of work is to use stone hit stone broken ore have selective crushing effect and broken product granularity evener shape mostly set square stones for bridge construction of high speed road wharf construction of the airport has a wide range of applications.

Application of pebbles sand making machine

The pebble is natural rock particles. It can be divided into many different types, such as sea pebbles. Most of pebble shapes are round and they have smooth surfaces. Bond of gravel and cement is poorer. The mixing of concrete mixture has good liquidity, but the strength of hardened concrete is low. Only through certain processing, the pebbles can be used as high quality raw materials for making concrete.

Pebbles are often used for making sand and applied into construction industry. The mechanism of natural color cobble, cobble, rain flower stones, dry spray glued stone, cobble stone, stone building, petrified wood, culture stone, natural color stone meters and other building decoration materials and interior decoration with advanced dyeing sand are non-toxic, tasteless, no discoloration. Pebble has quality hard, bright color of primitive simplicity, compressive, wear resisting corrosion resistance characteristics of natural stone. It is a kind of ideal green building materials.

Sand Making Machines In Pebble Processing Plants

As mentioned above, pebbles are often used as raw materials for making sand. For making sand, there are many pebble processing plants. In the pebble processing plants, many mining machines are at demands, such as sand making machines, sand washing machines, crushing and grinding machines, separation machines and so on. With the development of mining machines’ technology, there are many different types of crushing and grinding machines as well as some other mining machines.