Mobile Crusher for sale

Mobile Crusher for sale

Mobile crusher is a kind of novel rock crushing equipment, greatly expand the field of coarse crushing operation concept. Its design principle is standing in customer's position, eliminate the broken out of the place, the environment gives customers broken homework barriers as a first solution, and to provide efficient and low cost project operating hardware facilities.

Mobile crusher is composed of jaw crusher and vibrating feeder unit composed of coarse crushing, at the same time equipped with efficient double feeder. Double feeder decrease jaw crusher through the meet at the same time, also can increase the total production. Jaw crusher application range is wide, the mobile jaw crusher is mainly used in mountain quarrying primary crushing products. Processing scope of mobile jaw crusher in 50-500 tons/hour.

Application of Mobile Crusher

Mobile crusher is a kind of high efficiency crushing equipment, driven by their own way, the technology is advanced, the function is all ready.In any terrain conditions, this equipment can reach the place of any position.This reduces the material processing operations, and convenient all the coordination of auxiliary machinery.Through the wireless remote control, can easily take crusher on the trailer, and deliver it to the site of the homework.Because no time, so the equipment can be work immediately to the job sites.Hubei type mobile crushing station broken than large, its optimization design can meet the technical characteristics of crusher is most needed, productivity is high, the finished product granularity uniform.